Insurance At the speed of Innovation

New risks, Understood.

Relm's tailored insurance products are specifically designed to address the needs of businesses in new and emerging industries, ensuring they have adequate, reliable coverage. We believe that regardless of the industry, a well-managed business is a well-managed business. Our informed underwriting approach assesses vulnerabilities accurately — we don't overrate your risk, so you don't overpay on premiums.


digital asset insurance

Recent horror stories about lost passwords have brought the issue of hot or cold storage into the mainstream. Trust of digital asset custodians is at the heart of the issue. Relm understands these concerns and has developed a complete solution rooted in improving the client risk management framework, while providing financial assistance and certainty should the worst happen.
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directors and officers liability

Relm offers specialist D&O products tailored to the specific needs of the digital asset marketplace – which is underserved by existing market solutions. Our comprehensive cover ensures that the sector can continue to attract the high-quality senior leadership it needs in both private or public entities, or private companies that are contemplating a securities offering including initial coin or token offerings.
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Commercial Crime

Digital assets are not exempt from old fashioned crimes such as fraud and burglary. Relm has developed a solution that ensures that all its clients’ financial assets are always comprehensively covered by including cryptocurrencies and its derivations under the definition of money.
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Cyber crime is evolving rapidly. Alongside the onward march of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology a new set of cyber exposures is also fast emerging. To meet this challenge, we’ve developed a comprehensive cyber product with the flexibility to cover these risks today and in the future.
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professional liability

We provide comprehensive professional liability insurance cover to digital asset businesses. Unlike traditional underwriters which exclude start-up digital asset businesses and invalidate insurance for the digital risks of existing clients – Relm’s clients can be confident they are covered from the risks they face in delivering professional services.
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