Esports attracts advertisers due to its young audience, who
are highly engaged and active on social media.

This demographic has driven increased investment from companies seeking new ways to connect with consumers. As a result, broadcasters such
as ESPN and TBS, amongst others, are buying the rights to
air esports events as viewership continues its explosive growth.

Tournament organizers and game publishers earn revenue through tournament entry fees
and a portion of tournament prize pools.

The sale of merchandise, such as team jerseys and gaming gear, also contributes to the overall revenue of the esports industry

With increasing numbers of companies entering the market and its popularity continuing to grow, the esports industry's future is expected to continue its upward trend.

why do esports companies need insurance?

Like any other industry, Esports has a number of potential risks that must be considered.

Some of these risks include:

Technology Failures

Esports events rely heavily on technology, and any failures or glitches during events can negatively impact the player experience and the event's overall success.

Player Burnout

The intense and demanding nature of
professional gaming can lead to player
burnout, which can affect their performance and, ultimately, the event's success.

Regulation & Legal Issues

As the industry continues to grow, there may be increased regulations and legal issues, such as disputes over intellectual property and player contracts.

Lack of standardization

There is currently a lack of standardization in the esports industry that can lead to issues with fairness, transparency, and consistency in events.

Health Concerns

Prolonged exposure to screens and lack of physical activity can lead to health concerns for esports players, which can affect their performance and longevity in the industry.

Financial sustainability

The esports industry is relatively new, and there is a risk that it may not be financially sustainable in the long term, particularly if the growth rate slows or investment decreases.

Coverages for
Esport bussinesses

Directors & Officers Liability

Protects company executives from claims alleging
breach of fiduciary duty.

Cyber Liability

Protects your company against damages from cyber
attacks and data breaches.

Commercial General Liability

Covers personal or property damage and bodily
injury occurring on business premises.
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