Relm Insurance honored as an “Innovative Trailblazer” at Bermuda Tech Summit

Since 2007, the TechAwards have celebrated the best Bermuda-based companies, products and individuals impacting the technology industry.

HAMILTON, BERM – October 26, 2022 – Relm Insurance, a specialty insurer serving emerging industries, received the honor of Innovative Trailblazer at this year’s Tech Innovation Awards in Hamilton, Bermuda. The Bermuda government’s Economic Development Department hosts the annual event honoring outstanding innovators and companies making great strides in technology industries.

“It has been our pleasure to support technology leaders both here in Bermuda and around the world,” Relm Insurance VP of business development Sophia Zaller said. “Much like our clients, we often reject the status quo of our field and aim to create a new, better means of securing quality insurance for emerging industries.”

Since 2019, Relm has issued hundreds of insurance policies in more than 30 countries. With robust industry expertise, a global distribution network and an evolved underwriting philosophy, Relm can identify, underwrite and support the most innovative companies in industries traditional insurers have largely ignored.

The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) sponsored this year’s Innovative Trailblazer Award.

“The BDA was pleased to again support the TechAwards by presenting the Innovative Trailblazer Award to RELM Insurance Limited for their innovative products, such as digital asset insurance,” BDA CEO David Hart said. “Congratulations to RELM for winning an award recognising the best Bermuda-based company to use new technologies to conduct international business, participate in the local marketplace, and utilise Bermuda as a testing site for further tech advances. It is through events such as the Bermuda Tech Summit and the TechAwards that we continue to build a strong foundation for Bermuda’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.”

Denzel Simons, senior underwriter at Relm, and Jamie Harrison, Relm’s VP of human resources and people operations, attended the ceremony in Hamilton, Bermuda, to accept the award in late October.